Floramedica, based in Edinburgh, is a hub for information and education on using plants, foods, local green spaces, and other simple and sustainable resources to promote health and wellbeing.

Using plants as a therapeutic resource goes far beyond what is generally understood as herbal medicine. It encompasses the whole of the natural environment at the broadest end of the spectrum, and simple fresh foods at the other. 












This approach offers a versatile range of tools for managing health challenges, combating illness and stress and restoring and maintaining wellbeing. 

These tools are accessible to everyone

These pages will help you find out more

Recipes using medicinal plants and foods 

Looking for ideas for using wild and medicinal plants? Fancy having a go at making a tincture or an ointment at home? Have a look at our recipes and seasonal suggestions - and share some of your own, or check out our links to other useful websites.

Help with common ailments

Check out our factsheets for self-help tips. Let me know what interests you, and what you would like to see on this page! 



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