Floramedica Living Medicine outdoor events and field trips 


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AUTUMN/WINTER 2017 - Upcoming events 

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General instructions for all Floramedica / Living Medicine outdoors events:

Try to be on time - we will set out promptly! If you are unable to arrive on time, phone Anna on 07790 885969 as soon as you can for directions to catch up with the group. 

Dress sensibly! Bring a waterproof, and wear warm clothing and shoes or boots with a good grip - paths can be muddy and rough. This will not be a brisk walk as we will be stopping often to look at (and taste and smell) plants, so I strongly recommend wearing or bringing an extra layer.

Events will go ahead unless it's really foul weather or snow (if in doubt phone Anna - number below).

Bring a drink and containers or bags for collecting plant material. A book or pictures for identifying plants are also useful.

Contact me on 07790 885969 if you have any problems getting there.

See you there!!