Here are some resources you'll find useful:


USEFUL WEBSITES with information, advice and suggestions to support the content of Floramedica Living Medicine courses and workshops:

SustainCare - bringing health back home

Living Medicine (London) - runs practical workshops and events aimed at "re-skilling" people in the use of medicinal plants and foods, sharing knowledge in the community

Plant Medicine - reliable, up-to-date information on herbal medicines and self-care at

Plants for a Future - comprehensive, referenced info on plants, cultivation, uses, history at

Eat Weeds - useful info, blog, videos, recipes relating to wild foods and foraging at

SelfSufficientish - "Urban homesteading" and wild food foraging tips from Bristol brothers Andy and Dave at

Purple Sage Botanicals - useful detailed herb monographs and recipes, and links to the recipe pages of the BBC television programme  "Grow your own drugs", presented by ethnobotanist James Wong (March 2009)

Kew Gardens Ethnomedica Project - Remembered Remedies - researching the living traditions of plant medicine in Britain


USEFUL BOOKS (Amazon links below)

MABEY, Richard (1972) Food for Free, Collins - a classic for foragers, but not very well illustrated for identification. Use alongside a good field guide (see below).

PHILLIPS, Roger (1988)Wild Food, (8th edition 2007) Pan Books - fantastic, wide-ranging book, covering marine vegetables and fungi too. Lots of practical advice and recipes, both traditional and unusual, and good photos of plants to aid identification.

LANSKA, Dagmar (1992) The Illustrated Guide to Edible Plants, Chancellor Press - not always accurate on medicinal uses, but very useful illustrated guide - includes some recipes.

ROSE, Francis (2006)The Wild Flower Key(Revised edition)- How to Identify the Wild Plants, Trees and Shrubs of Britain & Ireland,Warne - A good illustrated guide to plants is a must for safe identification! Many others are available (e.g. Collins Pocket Guide to Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe) - often to be found in charity shops or second-hand bookshops.

NEWTON, Anna (2009) Herbs for Home Treatment - A Guide to Using Herbs for First Aid and Common Health Problems, Green Books. One of the best, clearest and most up to date of the many "home herbals" around.

HATFIELD, Gabrielle (1999) Memory, Wisdom and Healing -The History of Domestic Plant Medicine, Sutton Publishing. Ethnobotanical exploration of Britain's plant medicine heritage - thoughtful and insightful, draws on manuscripts, letters, diaries and interviews.

BEITH, Mary (1995) Healing Threads - Traditional Medicines of the Highlands and Islands, Birlinn Ltd. Another interesting and lively read for those interested in history of plant medicine in Scotland.

BARKER, Anne (2011) Remembered Remedies - Scottish Traditional Plant Lore, Birlinn Ltd. Lavishly illustrated, with wonderful stories recently collected from all around Scotland.

FEARNLEY-WHITTINGSTALL, Hugh(1997) A Cook on the Wild Side, Channel 4 Boxtree Books.Useful! Up to date take on some old ideas, and good ideas for variations on themes.

WONG, James (2009) - Grow your own drugs - based on the BBC TV series broadcast in spring 2009. Loads of useful info on plants and their properties, rules on foraging/harvesting appropriately, sustainably and legally (!); and interesting, do-able recipes (though sometimes slightly more elaborate than need be).