Floramedica is a creative and innovative health-promoting practice run by Anna Canning, a qualified medical herbalist, translator, researcher and educator

About me

I graduated from Napier University, Edinburgh, in 2007 with a BSc Hons (1st class) in Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy). I have also worked for many years as a freelance translator (of German, Hungarian, Spanish and French), and as a university researcher. Currently I live in Edinburgh, but my work takes me across the Central Belt - and beyond!

After five years in clinical practice as a medical herbalist I decided to focus on education and research - using my knowledge to promote sustainable, plant-based self-care in the community by running courses and workshops for adults and children.

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Here's why I do what I do:

Until quite recently, knowledge about plants and how to use them to help ourselves was widespread in the UK not only among doctors and pharmacists, but among ordinary people (just ask your (great-)granny!). Few people in the UK today know much about plant remedies, although inother European countries this knowledge has continued to thrive alongside (and sometimes within) the modern health service.

Modern medicine is undoubtedly amazing - new drugs and procedures have saved countless lives and brought improved quality of life for many people with potentially life-threatening conditions. 

Much of doctors' time, however, is spent dealing with illnesses that would not arise if we knew how to eat well and live well, and look after ourselves when ill. Many other ailments we take to our GP's surgery can be easily treated or managed using a combination of diet and lifestyle changes, and plants that are widely available - including many that we think of as weeds!

I believe every person has a right to this knowledge and the ability to take care of his/her own health. The focus of my work is to help people reclaim this knowledge, inspiring and re-skilling them to look after themselves, using plants (mostly from local green spaces) safely and sustainably to provide cheap, nutritious foods and the basis for everyday remedies and body-care products.











Professional information


  • College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP) 
  • Outdoor & Woodland Learning (OWL) Scotland (Edinburgh/Lothian cluster group)
  • The Herb Society
  • Forest School Association
  • Scottish Wild Harvests Association (SWHA)
  • Nourish Scotland
  • Transition Edinburgh South 
Professional development training:
  • Outdoor & Paediatric First Aid (First Aid Academy)
  • Scotland's Mental Health First Aid (NHS Forth Valley)
  • REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene (Cyrenians)
  • Forest School Leader (Level 3) - ongoing
  • Branching Out Leader (Forestry Commission Scotland)
  • John Muir Award Leader (John Muir Trust)
  • Living Life to the Full (LLTTF) practitioner
  • Introduction to Choice Theory with Young People (Developing Youth Practice)
  • 'Citizen Science' wildlife survey training
  • 'Natural Curriculum' - integrating outdoor learning into the Curriculum for Excellence (TCV)
  • Facilitation skills using stories and poetry (Lapidus Scotland)
  • Professional Boundaries (FDAMH Training Academy)


I am fully insured through Balens Ltd and Birnbeck Ltd to conduct courses, workshops and other community education work in both outdoor and indoor settings.



  • Charges for courses and workshops are by negotiation. Prices usually start at £100 for up to half a day including preparation time and course notes. Travel expenses and materials are charged separately.

- please ask!

I am available to lead walks and give talks and practical demonstrations on a wide range of topics relating to the use of plants as medicine and food, sustainable health care and self-care, plant science (curriculum-linked for schools), ethnomedicine/historical uses of plants for medicine and body care. 

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Contact me:

07790 885969  mail@floramedica.org