Floramedica can provide a range of curriculum-linked workshops for schools and resources for teachers. A particular area of interest is enabling teachers to make effective and creative use of local green spaces - parks, nature reserves, woodlands and waterways - as outdoor classrooms. 




Floramedica "Living Medicine" schools workshops & resources for teachers:


Below are a few examples of recent workshops - please contact me to discuss your particular interests, requirements or ideas for your group. In the interests of knowledge sharing, all resources here are downloadable free of charge. More resources are added regularly and some will soon also be made available on the TES website - www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resources.

Health, disease and medicine in Ancient Egypt workshop (approx. 75 minutes) for Primary 4 classes in conjunction with Ancient Egypt project and linked to related curriculum areas. The children engage in a variety of activities, led by a historical character, to introduce facts and ideas about health and disease, and to experience some of the materials (plants, etc) and methods used in ancient Egyptian medical practice. For more information contact Anna.

Using plants for food and health - need ideas for using your school herb garden or eco-garden? This workshop (60 mins) is adaptable to suit to any group from Primary 4-7 and illustrates the links between food, medicinal plants and healthy living in a fun and accessible way. Discussion, quiz and practical session included, and children get to take home a simple remedy they have made in class.

Focus on biodiversity - based on some of the excellent resources provided by the Great Plant Hunt (Royal Botanic Gardens Kew), this workshop explores  the interconnectedness of nature and our place within it using a flexible combination of indoors and outdoors spaces (e.g. local park, woodland, river/canal or other greenspace or wildlife garden etc,) with images, games, and activities to challenge and inspire. Duration 3-4 hours (depending on outdoors venue and travel time required). Extension activities for classroom follow-up also included. 

Shakespeare in love - aimed at S2-S3 stage, this workshop (75-90 mins) explores concepts of health and beauty in the Renaissance, linked to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream", looking at the uses and meaning of the "love potion" ingredients and connecting them to modern ideas around cosmetics, body care and how we strive to make ourselves attractive. In the practical part of the session, students also learn traditional remedy-making skills, producing a scented infused oil and using this to make a balm to take home for lips or dry skin. 

Great Plant Hunt - Collectors - workshop for Primary 5 classes, linked to curriculum and rainforest project. Workshop focuses on collecting and identifying plants and how to make a herbarium specimen. Based on Royal Botanic Gardens Kew / Wellcome Trust resources for primary schools to commemorate the Charles Darwin bicentenary. For details of the Great Plant Hunt and how to get involved, click here. Download the P5 worksheet here

Great Plant Hunt - Discoverers - workshop for Primary 3 class on identifying common trees, and their flowers / fruit, uses of tree products and tree lore. Linked to P3 curriculum areas and woodlands project. Based on Royal Botanic Gardens Kew / Wellcome Trust resources for primary schools to commemorate the Charles Darwin bicentenary. For details of the Great Plant Hunt and how to get involved, click here.  Download the P3 worksheet here 

More than skin deep workshop on skin, how it works, how to look after it, and how to use simple natural ingredients to make cheap and effective body care products and cosmetics at home. Linked to key areas of Scottish curriculum on biological sciences and health for S2-S3 stage. Handout available for download here.