Here you will find downloadable factsheets on some common ailments and how you can use herbs and home remedies to help yourself.

Remember, be careful if you suffer from allergies, asthma or eczema, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always inform your GP or medical specialist if you take herbal medicines, especially if you are taking prescribed medication for any condition.

Contact me if you have any queries or concerns. Don't sit and worry - I am always happy to offer free and confidential advice by phone or e-mail.  

Ì Food and mental wellbeing - factsheet on how food can affect your mood and mental wellbeing in both positive and negative ways - with references to books and websites for further information

Ì  Dealing with cold sores and herpes

Ì  Self help for blepharitis

Ì  Top tips for acne

Ì  Pre-menstrual problems (PMS) & diet

Ì  Living well with chronic respiratory problems 

Ì  Combating stress and promoting relaxation (1)


Coming soon:

Ì  Self-help tips for eczema

Ì  Living well with osteoarthritis


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