Using herbs & wild and medicinal foods

Have a go with the following recipes - tried and tested by me and my family! It's a mixed bag, with some recipes for foods and others for making your own remedies. I'll be adding to the list as time goes on. Let me know what you think! And if you have any favourites you'd like to share, contact me!

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Southeast Asian Chicken Soup - a variation on the traditional tonic chicken soup

Greek Garlic Dip - Skordalia - great with vegetable sticks or grilled meat or fish

Crab Apple & Hedgerow Berry Jelly - try with grilled mackerel, roast meats, or spread on toast

Sloe Gin - a seasonal favourite, and really easy to make - recipe also gives suggestions for variations, including Elderberry/Blackberry/Hawthorn brandy

Brain-booster smoothie - packed with essential nutrients for nervous system health and mental performance. Tastes pretty good too!

Daal - hearty traditional meal from the Indian subcontinent, containing all the ingredients for a healthy digestive system

Nettle soup - a good winter warmer or spring tonic

Elderberry cordial - fend of winter colds and flu with this traditional remedy - great on pancakes or ice cream too!

Gorse flower cordial - fragrant and colourful, a delightful spring drink

Spring green fritters - a tasty way of using wild spring greens, packed with vitamins and minerals, to give yourself a boost after winter

Sorrel risotto - an interesting take on the Italian classic

Wild nettle and chickpea soup - a satisfying and nutritious traditional Iranian recipe gets a Scottish wild food makeover

Ground elder soup - another quick and simple way to dish up spring minerals and vitamins to all the family (and get rid of a pesky garden weed at the same time)

Nettle & ginger beer - a lovely traditional British lightly fizzy drink (non-alcoholic). Recipe kindly contributed by Gill Smith 



Recipes for external remedies

Making your own infused oils, balms and ointments - the basics. A few easy to follow recipes that work every time, and some ideas for useful variations

Sweet dreams sleep balm - Delightful scented balm to calm mind and body and help induce restful sleep